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New Limestone Dancing Girl Sculptor

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Okay selected my stone for my next creation. What image do you see? Should we do something abstract or whimsical, or serious, or just pleasantly pleasing, hmmm?? Let's be bold.

Stay tuned. Stay happy.

Stay safe my friends.

I decided on a concept of a halfway abstract girl dancing in the wind going with the natural lines in the stone, will have negative spaces in it and hopefully have a feeling of motion as she dances. I put her face on her this morning and happy with the character that shows. Anyway stay tuned I will post my progression along the way.

Since I feel like I've been isolated for 10 years with this pandemic, glad I have something to do, lol. Stay safe my friends.

My dancing girl is starting to take shape in the stone and in my mind.

Got her head and the start of her hair flow in the wind, and the angle of her body as she will be turning. I whispered to her how beautiful she will be .

Stay tuned and stay safe my friends.

I'm putting some negative space in my dancing girl, you can see where I started, have to keep in mind the overall balance of the piece in my mind so it will all fit together well. I will go all the way through the stone. Having fun with it.

Have a good weekend my friends. Make Art!!

Stay safe

I've got how I want her, visualize in my mind, now just need for it to come out my hands into the stone. Need to work on flowing twirl of her cape. Just thinking out loud, lol. My muse is gone so have to think on my own.

More progress made this morning, putting her Cape on her , just having fun with her letting the stone take me where it wants to go.

Stay safe my friends.

Gave my girl a hairdo this morning. She's coming along slowly but I'm pleased with her and whisper to her how beautiful she is, and will be.

Have a good weekend.

Stay safe my friends.

Worked on my Dancing girl this morning putting earrings and necklace on her. Guess how many beads will be on her necklace and what they represent.

Whispered how beautiful she is to her.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Stay safe my friends.

Look I put feet and pucker toe dancing moccasins on my dancing girl this morning.

Look for the big reveal of the finished piece this coming Tuesday.

I whispered a secret to her this morning.

Have a great weekend.

Stay safe my friends.

Yay! Finished my Dancing Girl, whispered to her for the last time how beautiful she turned out.

I will be putting on the market to sell next week. Along with the basket lady I made, so stay tuned. Thanks for your interest along the way.

Stay safe .


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