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A Relief Sculpture with Eddie Morrison

Okay let's start a relief sculpture while we are still working on our bisons, you should be able to work on several projects at the same time.

I'm going to use a piece of Georgia marble about 2 inches or more thick, so select a kinda flat stone or piece of wood and sketch an image onto it ,I'm depicting a couple of men, you can do people or animals or anything . Tomorrow we start cutting. Yay let's have fun!!

Okay yesterday I layed out a sketch on the stone I'm using for my relief sculpture.

This morning I cut out the sketch outline with my 4 1/2 inch angle grinder with diamond blade.

Will eventually cut it to about 1 inch depth. If you are doing wood you can cut it with a dremal or die grinder or chisel.

Enjoy your weekend friends.

Okay for those of you seeing Kermit the frog, thought I better start putting faces on my relief, lol. I do a rough sketch of the faces first then work the faces down, not worried about the details of each face until start detailing. This gives me a focal point to work for to balance the figures out to kinda make sure I get everything I want in the piece where I want it. Keep chiseling have fun my friends. Stay safe.

Okay back to doing relief sculpture. Most of you should be at this stage roughed in, or beyond, time to start detailing , keep it simplistic but not simple. Let's try to complete by end of next week so we can move on to the next sculpture.

Have fun.

Getting closer to finally finishing this relief, this stone is very hard and fought with me all the way, but as usual I won, lol.

Finally my marble relief sculpture is on it's way to new home in California.

We absolutely love the sculpture, Eddie Morrison! ❤️

You amaze me. 🤩

The contrasts you have caught in the marble are beautiful.

Thank you! It is perfect for Mo’s retirement and a fantastic addition to our home. 🥰 Ta li Di da nv do Un a li go ha Two Spirits Together


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