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Eddie Morrison is a contemporary sculptor who works in wood and stone who strives to produce work that represents American Indian people with pride and dignity. 


Eddie Morrison is perhaps the best-known living Native American sculptor. His work is displayed in galleries all across the U.S. and in private collections in several foreign countries. Morrison’s pieces embody the best of Cherokee tradition and help keep Cherokee culture alive today.

This lushly illustrated work features his pieces and life story. It tells the story of a humble man with a deep passion for his heritage and for the future of his people. With more than one hundred images of Morrison’s works, They Call Me Eddie Morrison is a beautiful and invaluable resource.  Eddie's story is written by Bill Keith with a Foreword by Principal Chief Bill John Baker and includes over 50 photographs and 130 pages in this 2016 publication release. A must for any collector with Eddie Morrison's work included and a great read for anyone interested in the life story of an honored recipient of the Cherokee National Treasure Award.

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Cherokee National Treasure Eddie Morrison featured in new exhibit at Saline Courthouse Museum

The show "Eddie Morrison: Carved from Strength" featuring the work of Cherokee National Treasure Eddie Morrison

opens today, Tuesday March 2, at Saline Courthouse Museum, 55870 S 490 Rd, Rose, OK. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am - 4pm. 

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"Art tells alot about us to future generations, I believe, and always has, and I like to think that some of my art will be here on this earth hundreds of years after I'm gone...Eddie Morrison

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